Catering Menu Selection

For over 30 years Maison Richard has built a reputation as being one of the finest caterers in Los Angeles. We offers complete catering services for small to medium sized events. Formal and casual, weddings, social and corporate parties, holiday and other events.

For a consultation please call (323) 655-7777 or make a request here.

Event Catering

partial items

Whole Quiche Mushroom, Spinach, Lorraine, Leek & Bacon $18
Tourte Milanaise serves 12-16 people $65
Surprise Bread with 55 Sandwiches $75
Brie en Croute $70
Paté Tray serves 8-10 people $45/lb
Smoked Salmon Tray serves 8-10 people $60/lb
Please call or email for full menu details and pricing.

Miniature Hors D'oeuvres

$1.75 each. minimum of 36 pieces.

Mini Quiches Mushroom, Spinach, Lorraine, Leek & Bacon
Cheese Puffs filled with Swiss Cheese
Cheese Sticks
Salmon Feuilleté Fresh Norvegian Salmon
Ham Feuilleté
Anchovy Feuilleté

Desserts (Pastries & Cakes)

See our list of French Pastries and Cakes

Petits Fours (Bite size pastries)

$1.75 each. minimum of 36 pieces.

Auteuil Chocolate Truffle, Sponge Cake and Raspberry Puree
Caracas Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse Filling
Mado Hazelnut Praline with Layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Creme
Opera Espresso Butter Cream layered with Sponge Cake and Chocolate
Eclairs Choice of Vanilla Custard, Chocolate or Coffee Filling
Kiwi Tart Kiwis and Mandarins Slices
Sugar Filled with Vanilla Custard
Apricot Tart Fresh Apricot halves and Almond Slices
Apple Tart Fresh Sliced Apples and a touch of our Home Made Apple Sauce
Pear Tart Sliced Pears on a bit of Cheese Custard
Lemon Tart Fresh Lemon Curd with Light, Sweetened Meringue on top
Berry Tarts Select Seasonal Berries on an Almond Paste Crust
Green Puff Puff filled with kirsch flavored custard.
Pink Puff Puff filled with kirsch flavored custard.
Croquembouche Puff Puff filled with kirsh flavored custard and caramel.

Picnic Boxes

$30 per box/one person each. ideal for the Hollywood Bowl.

Paté Maison Choice of Paté with Cornichons
Slice of Brie Cheese on Toasted Bread
One Entrée Choice:
Salade Nicoise Mediterranean Salad of Tuna, Potatoes, Onions, String Beans, Tomatoes, Olives and Anchovies
Roasted Chicken  with Julienne of Vegetables
Fresh Norvegian Salmon with Green Beans
Quiche Choice of Mushroom, Spinach, Lorraine, Leek & Bacon
+ A Tart of your Choice
Ideal for Outdoor Parties, Plane Trips, and Sporting Events


Sales tax applies to all food prepared hot 9%


  1. Please Allow 24-48 Hour Advance Notice for All Catering Needs.
  2. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX. Sorry No Checks!
  3. Prices are subject to change at any time.