Petits Fours

Our petits fours are bite size pastries version of regulars size pastries and tarts, daily made with fresh natural and organic ingredients. Great for all events, such a baby showers or birthdays.

Petits Fours (Bite size pastries)

$1.75 each. minimum of 36 pieces.

Caracas Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse Filling
Mado Hazelnut Praline with Layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Creme
Opera Espresso Butter Cream layered with Sponge Cake and Chocolate
Eclairs Choice of Vanilla Custard, Chocolate or Coffee Filling
Apricot Tart Fresh Apricot halves and Almond Slices
Lemon Tart Fresh Lemon Curd with Light Meringue on top
Berry Tarts Select Seasonal Berries on an Almond Paste Crust
Croquembouche Puff Puff filled with kirsh flavored custard and caramel.