Lunch Menu


Onion Soup 7.00
Soupe du Jour 7.00


with french fries

On Baguette with Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Tomatoes

Chicken 11.00
Ham and Cheese 11.00
Tuna 11.00
BLT 11.00
Turkey 11.00
Steak 16.95


Paté Maison Your choice of Homemade Patés 9.95
Le Plateau De Charcuterie Sampling of our Patés, Dry Sausage 15.50
Smoked Salmon Plate Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Brioche 14.95
Rillette of Salmon Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Bellpepper 10.50
Warm Goat Cheese Lightly Broiled Goat Cheese on Brioche 11.95

Les Salades

Salade Nicoise Mediterranean Salad of Tuna, Potatoes, Onions, String Beans, Tomatoes, Olives and Anchovies 10.95
Chicken Salad Green Beans, Sliced Almond, Creamy Dressing or Vinaigrette 11.25
Vegetable Salad Steamed Julienne of Zukini Yellow Squash and Turnip with Mushroom and Broccoli, Vinaigrette Dressing 10.95
Tomato Salad with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette 10.50
Warm Salmon Salad Sauteed with Curry 15.95
Smoked Salmon Salad and Fresh Cucumber 15.25
Two Cold Poached Eggs with smoked Salmon & Basil on a Bed of Baby Greens 13.75
Herrings Marinated with Warm Boiled Potatoes and Onions 12.95
Ceasar Salad with Poached Egg, Bacon And Parmesan 11.95
Green Asparagus Salad with Baby Greens and Vinaigrette Dressing 11.25

Hot Pasta

Pasta Provencale Tomatoes, Garlic, Tarragon, Basil & Onions 10.50
Pasta Alfredo Cream Sauce with Bacon and Parmesan 11.95
Ham & Cheese Pasta Ham with Swiss Cheese and Parmesan 11.95
Pasta Primavera Fresh Steamed Vegetables in a Creamy Sauce 10.25
Angel Hair Pasta in a Spicy Tomato Sauce 10.25
Seafood Pasta Fresh Bay Scallops, Baby Shrimps, Tomatoes and Fresh Basil in a Light Creamy Sauce 16.95

Les Quiches

served with a green salad

Quiche Lorraine Classic Ham And Cheese 10.95
Spinach Quiche with White of Egg & topped with Cheese Sauce 10.95
Leek Quiche Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Brioche 10.95
Tourte Milanaise Bellpepper, Spinach, Ham & Cheese in a Puff Pastry 11.95

Les Omelettes

Champignons Fresh Mushrooms 10.25
Lorraine Ham and Gruyere Cheese from Switzerland 10.25
Fines Herbs Fresh Chive and Parsley 10.25
Paysanne Bacon With Onions and Potatoes 10.25
Smoked Norvegian Salmon with Onions and Tomatoes 10.25
Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon or Canadian Bacon 12.95
Green Salad and Hollandaise Sauce 14.95

Les Spécialités Maison Richard

Feuilleté de Poulet et Champignons Chicken in a Special Mushroom Sauce with Puff Pastry Shell 14.95
Feuilleté d’Oeufs, Jambon et Fromage Wonderfull Marriage of Eggs, Ham and Cheese in a Puff Pastry Shell 12.25
Roasted Chicken Fresh Half Chicken (Hormones Free) Served with French Fries 14.50
Chicken Breast Grilled with Julienne Vegetables 14.50
Calf Liver Fresh Tender Calf Liver with Shallot Sauce & Fries 14.95
Cheeseburger Croissant with French Fries 10.75
Onglet à L’échalotte Skirt Steak with Shallot Sauce & French Fries 17.95
Steak Du Boucher Grilled New York Steak 18.95
Crab Cakes Delicious… on a Bed of Baby Greens 14.95
Jumbo Shrimps Sauted in Butter with Fresh Basil & Tomato 20.75
White Fish Fresh Portion with Mustard Sauce & Vegetable 16.95
Salmon Provencale Grilled With Vegetables 15.95
Jumbo Scallops Sauteed with Olive Oil & Garlic with Linguini 23.95

Assiette de Fromage (Cheese Plate)

A sample plate of favorite French Cheeses served with toasted bread with walnuts and raisin 13.75

French Pastries & Cakes

Pastries or Cakes
Pastries or Cakes With berries 6.00
Choose from our desserts selection


Orange or Grapefruit
Fresh Squeezed Juice 2.95
Passion Fruit Iced tea 2.95
Fresh Lemonade 2.95
Coca-Cola / Diet Coke 2.95
Seven-Up 2.25
Mineral Water 3.00
Coffee 3.25
Espresso 3.25
Cappucino 3.75
Cafe au Lait 3.50
Hot Chocolate 2.75
Hot Tea 2.25
Milk 2.25


Glass Bottle
House Wine 8.00 28.00
Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon 8.00 28.00
Amstel or Heineken 6.25
Champagne 8.00 32.00
Cork Fee 15.00
Ask for our full wine list


Kir White Wine with Cassis Syrup 8.00
Kir Royal Champagne And Cassis Syrup 9.00
Kir Imperial Champagne and Raspberry Coulis 9.00
Mimosa Champagne and Orange Juice 9.00

Supplements & Service

Split order +3.00
Any changes or side order +3.00
Sales tax applies to all food prepared hot 9%


  1. Lunch is served Daily from 11 AM to 3 PM
  2. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX. Sorry No Checks!
  3. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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